Organization | Peace Science Society (International)
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The Peace Science Society is an independent, non-profit organization supervised by a Council of officers elected from and by the membership. These include President, President-Elect, and eight Councilors. Elections are held on an annual basis. The day to day affairs of the Society are managed by the Executive Director together with an Executive/Editorial committee. Business meetings take place at designated annual conferences of the Society.

Executive Director

Idean Salehyan, University of North Texas


Christian Davenport, University of Michigan

President-elect, Scott Gates, PRIO


Burcu Savun, University of Pittsburgh

Directors of Online Colloquium

Cassy Dorff & Bradley Smith, Vanderbilt University


  • Michael Findley, University of Texas
  • Faten Ghosn, University of Arizona
  • Emily Ritter, Vanderbilt University
  • Patricia Sullivan, University of North Carolina
  • Jeff Carter, Appalachian State University
  • Olga Chyzh, University of Toronto
  • Christopher Fariss, University of Michigan
  • Michaela Mattes, University of California, Berkeley

Conduct Committee Chair

Caroline Hartzell, Gettysburg College