Awards | Peace Science Society (International)


Walter Isard Award for Best Dissertation in Peace Science

The Walter Isard Award for the Best Dissertation in Peace Science is given every two years. The award honors outstanding contributions to the scientific knowledge of peace and conflict and carries a value of $2000. Competition is open to students of any nationality who successfully defend a doctoral dissertation in any field on the subject of peace science, conflict behavior, international relations, or a related topic. The winner is selected on the basis of the importance and scientific significance of the dissertation with respect to the field of peace science and its contribution to the understanding of international behavior more generally. Any member of the individual's dissertation committee may nominate dissertations for consideration for the award. An individual may nominate no more than one dissertation per award cycle.

Stuart A. Bremer Award for Best Graduate Student Paper

The Stuart A. Bremer Award is presented to the author or authors of the best graduate student paper delivered at each year's Peace Science Society meeting. Papers eligible for consideration include those associated with poster presentations made at the meeting as well as those presented at the meeting's regular sessions. Co-authored papers may be considered for the award, but only if all of the authors are graduate students at the time of the meeting.

The author or authors of the winning paper receives travel support of $2000 to present the paper at the following year's Network of European Peace Scientists meeting. The award amount is for the paper; in instances of multiple authors, the allocation of the $2000 travel support will be determined by the authors themselves.

The winner is selected on the basis of the paper's potential scientific significance and its contribution to the study of peace science. An ad hoc three-person committee consisting of members of the Society will determine the winner.

Graduate Student Travel Awards

Graduate Student Travel Awards are $200 each, awarded to ten graduate students to help them attend the annual Peace Science Society (International) meeting.

Glenn Palmer Prize

The Palmer Prize honors Glenn Palmer's contributions to Conflict Management and Peace Science during his 13-year run as editor of the journal. It is awarded to the best paper published in Conflict Management and Peace Science and carries a prize of $500.

Will H. Moore III Prize

This award is given to the paper published in the journals of the Peace Science Society that most effectively addresses issues directly related to the integrity and respect accorded to individual political rights and freedoms. The winner is selected from articles published in Conflict Management and Peace Science and the Journal of Conflict Resolution.

Manas Chatterji Global Scholarship Award

The Manas Chatterji Global Scholarship award recognizes an outstanding scholar who has made a significant contribution to advancing Peace Science research globally, particularly in developing countries. The winner is selected on the basis of the quality of their published research and active engagement in fostering international collaborations through activities such as teaching, mentoring, co-authorship, and promoting academic institutions and scholarly networks worldwide.

The Founders' Medal

The Founders' Medal is an award intended to recognize an individual who has made significant and distinguished life-long scientific contributions to peace science. Recipients must be at least 50 years of age and either current or past members of the Society.