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Past Winners

Founders' Medal Winners

  • 2021: Glenn Palmer, Penn State University
  • 2017: Nils Petter Gleditsch, PRIO
  • 2013: Dina Zinnes, University of Illinois
  • 2009: Bruce Russett, Yale University
  • 2005: Walter Isard, Cornell University
  • 2001: J. David Singer, University of Michigan

Isard Award Winners

  • 2022: Luwei Ying, Washington University in St. Louis
  • 2020: Carly Wayne, University of Michigan
  • 2018: Megan A. Stewart, Georgetown University
  • 2016: Anita R. Gohdes, University of Mannheim
  • 2014: Joshua Kertzer, Ohio State University
  • 2012: Paul Poast, University of Michigan
  • 2010: Bernd Beber, Columbia University
  • 2008: Todd Sechser, Stanford University
  • 2006: Patricia Sullivan, UC Davis
  • 2004: Stephen Shellman, Florida State University
  • 2002: Jaroslav Tir, University of Illinois
  • 2000: Mark Crescenzi, University of Illinois
  • 1998: Brett Ashley Leeds, Emory University
  • 1996: Paul Hensel, University of Illinois; and Kelly Kadera, University of Illinois
  • 1994: Doug Lemke, Vanderbilt University

Bremer Award Winners

  • 2023: Andi Zhou, Harvard University
  • 2022: Christopher Blair, University of Pennsylvania
  • 2021: Soyoung Lee, Stanford University
  • 2020: Roya Izadi, Binghamton University
  • 2019: Rachel Myrick, Stanford University
  • 2018: Howard Liu, Duke University
  • 2017: Kaitlyn Webster, Duke University
  • 2016: Matthew Nanes, University of California, San Diego
  • 2015: William Wagstaff, Emory University
  • 2014: Daniel McCormack, University of Texas, Austin
  • 2013: Roseanne McManus, University of Wisconsin
  • 2012: Yuri Zhukov, Harvard University
  • 2011: Yonatan Lupu, University of California, San Diego
  • 2010: Nils Metternich, University of Essex; Julian Wucherpfennig, ETH Zurich
  • 2009: Jeff Carter, Pennsylvania State University
  • 2008: Bernd Beber, Columbia University
  • 2007: Jun Xiang, University of Rochester
  • 2006: David Carter, University of Rochester
  • 2005: Peter Rudloff, University of Illinois
  • 2004: Stephen Gent, University of Rochester

Palmer Prize

2023: Christoph Valentin Steinert, "The duration of political imprisonment: Evidence from China" Conflict Management and Peace Science, 2023, 40(4): 349-372.

2022: Peyman Asadzade, "Higher education and violent revolutionary activism under authoritarianism: Subnational evidence from Iran." Conflict Management and Peace Science, 39(2), 143-165.

2021: Kana Inata "Protest, Counterprotest, and Organization Diversification of Protest Groups." Conflict Management and Peace Science. 38(4): 435-456.

2020: Michael Kalin and Niloufer Siddiqui. "National Identity, Religious Tolerance, and Group Conflict: Insights from a Survey Experiment in Pakistan." Conflict Management and Peace Science. 37(1): 58-82.

2019: Kimberly Frugé, Florida State University for "Repressive Agent Defections: How Power, Costs, and Uncertainty Influence Military Behavior and State Repression." Conflict Management and Peace Science, 36(6): 591-607

2018: Carla Martinez Machain and Leo Rosenberg, Kansas State University for "Domestic Diversion and Strategic Behavior by Minority Groups." Conflict Management and Peace Science, 35(5) 427-450.

2017: Clayton Thyne, University of Kentucky for "The Impact of coups d'état on civil war duration." Conflict Management and Peace Science, 34(3) 287-307.

2016: Lisa Hultman, Uppsala University; Jacob Kathman, University at Buffalo - SUNY; and Megan Shannon, University of Colorado - Boulder for "United Nations peacekeeping dynamics and the duration of post-civil conflict peace." Conflict Management and Peace Science, Vol. 33(3) 231-249.

2015: Martin Steinwand, Stony Brook University for "Foreign Aid and Political Stability." Conflict Management and Peace Science, Vol. 32(4) 395-424.

Will H. Moore III Prize

2021: Amy Yunyu Chiang, "Violence, non-violence and the conditional effect of repression on subsequent dissident mobilization." Conflict Management and Peace Science 38(6).

2019: Bradley E. Holland and Viridiana Rios, "Informally Governing Information: How Criminal Rivalry leads to Violence against the Press in Mexico." Journal of Conflict Resolution, 61(5).

Manas Chatterji Global Scholarship Award

2021. Raul Caruso, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart